OB cues in pool trick shots | 4/10/2014
CUE SPORT LV - OB kiju dīleris Baltijā, OB CuesPOOL on TV ALERT: OB Cues are the official cues of the 2013 World Cup of Trick Shots event which airs for the first time this Sunday, April 13th in HD on ESPN2 at 12pm, 1pm and 2pm EST. Each of these time slots will have a different and original show that has not been broadcast on TV yet. So make sure you watch or record all 3! (This event was filmed at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA)

The event features Team USA against Team Europe. Team USA consists of Andy Segal-The Magic Man, Bruce Barthelette-The Big Guy, Steve Markle-Triple 'C' and Jamey Gray-Sharp Shooter. Team Europe consists of Florian Kohler-Venom, Nick Nikolaidis-Quick Nick, Luke Szywala-Cool Hand Luke and Gabi Visoiu-Mr. Perfect.

Please support pool and OB by watching this event. If you already have plans on Sunday and can't watch at that time then please set your DVR's and record the pool so you can watch it later. We will continue to sponsor and support pool on TV for as long as we continue to receive the support of you, the fans who watch it! 

We would like to also ask you to help spread the word so please share this post on your wall and encourage all of your friends on Facebook to watch or record this pool event which will be very entertaining. The trick shot events make for great TV and are always a fan favorite.
 — with Nick Nikolaidis and Andy D. Segal.