23 – 25 June 2017 – “Arena Riga”, Riga, Skanstes street 21, Latvia | 6/20/2017


World Champion Mark Selby and defending champion Neil Robertson are among the snooker kings set to play in the 2017 Kaspersky Riga Masters.

   Robertson won the world ranking event last year by beating Michael Holt in the final at the Riga Arena in Latvia. And this time he’ll be defending his title against the likes of Selby, Shaun Murphy, Stuart Bingham, Barry Hawkins, Kyren Wilson, Mark Williams, Mark Allen and Jimmy White.

   The matches involving Selby, Robertson and the two wild card players will be held over to the final venue in Riga. All other first round matches will take place at the Guild Hall in Preston from May 31 to June 2, with the winners going through to the final stages in the Latvian capital to do battle for the first ranking title of the 2017/18 season. The qualifiers draw and format is now available at www.worldsnooker.com

  And there is increased prize money for the tournament this year, with the winner to bank £50,000 from a total of £227,000.

  Earlier this month, Selby won the world title for the third time by beating John Higgins 18-15 in the final at the Crucible.

“  I’m really looking forward to getting going again, and I’ll be full of confidence coming off my best ever season,” said the 33-year-old, who won the inaugural Riga Masters in 2014. “I have always enjoyed playing in Latvia, it’s a beautiful place and the fans make us feel welcome. It will be a strong field in Riga and hopefully I can have a good run.”

Tickets for all sessions of the Kaspersky Riga Masters are now available and start at just 15.60 Euros. It’s a fantastic chance for snooker fans to see many of their heroes live, competing for a ranking title.


Riga Open Snooker Tournament 2015 | 7/24/2015

Snooker’s Riga Open in Latvia is the first event of the 2015/16 Kreativ Dental Clinic European Tour series. The tournament was first held in 2014 and it was the first ever professional snooker event held in Latvia. The popularity of snooker is thriving across Europe, and fans flocked to the event in Riga which was won by Mark Selby, beating Mark Allen in the final. The first two days of the 2015 event, on July 29-30, will be for the amateur pre-qualifiers. This will be followed by the last 128 from July 31 to August 2.


Rīga Open 2015. spēlētāju sesijas.









Latvijas snukera meistari Eiropas čempionatā Prāgā

M.Volajs iekļuvis top 32 Eiropas Amatieru Čenpionātā snukerā 2015.g. | 6/20/2015

   Aizvadītajās divās nedēļās Čehijas galvaspilsētā Prāgā norisinajās 2015. gada Eiropas Čempionāts snukerā amatieriem. Latviju devās pārstāvēt trīs sportisti. Vīriešu konkurencē Māris Volajs un Rodions Judins, un sieviešu konkurencē Tatjana Vasiļjeva.

  Šī gada Latvijas čempions Māris Volajs savā apakšgrupā ar mainīgam sekmēm pēc izspēlētām 6 spēlēm ierindojās 3 vietā un pārliecinoši kvalificējās izslēgšanas spēlēm (6 spēles, 4 uzvaras 2 zaudējumi, freimu attiecība +12). Izslēgšanas spēļu pirmajā kārtā izdevās pārspēt Somijas sportistu Mika Hummelin 4:2 un nodrošināt vietu starp labākajiem 32 sportistiem. Nākošajā spēlē pret vienu no vadošajiem Polijas spēlētājiem piedzīvots zaudējums 0:4. Neskatoties uz to, šis ir labākais sportista sniegums Eiropas līmeņa turnīros.

 R.Judins no piecām apakšgrupas spēlēm uzvarēja divas un kvalificējās izslēgšanas turnīram kā ceturtais numurs. Pirmajā izslēgšanas kārtas spēlē pretinieks bija pagājušā gada finālists John Whitty no Anglijas un rezultātā zaudējums 2:4.

  Tatjana Vasiļjeva apakšgrupā pārspēja visas sešas pretinieces un viegli kvalificējās turnīra T.Vasiļjeva Eiropas Amatieru Cempionāta snukerā 3.vieta - Cue Sport LVastodaļfinālam. Tālāk aizvadītas divas rezultātos atšķirīgas spēles. Uzvarēta Čehijas sportiste Eva Maskova 3:0 un Vācijas sportiste Diana Stateczny 4:3. Turnīrs noslēgts cīņā pret Krievijas sportisti Darju Sirotinu ar rezultātu 2:4.

  Par turnīra uzvarētājiem kļuva Anglijas pārstāvis Michael Wild vīriešu konkurencē, izcīnot divu gadu ceļazīmi profesionālajā snukera tūrē “Main Tour”, velsietis Darren Morgan Masters konkurencē un Wendy Jans sieviešu konkurencē.

 Latvijas īsajā (šogad aprit 20.gadu) snukera vēsturē šis ir pārliecinoši labākais sasniegums vīriešu konkurencē! 

  Apsveicam uzvarētājus un vēlam veiksmi mūsu sportistiem turpmākajos startos!

Rezultāti un statistika šeit: Māris Volajs - Cue Sport LV

  Cue Sport LV aicina pieteikties sponsorus, kam nav vienaldzīga biljarda attīstība Latvijā un Latvijas labāko biljardistu sasniegumi Eiropā un pasaulē!


Cue Sport LV


Latvijas Čempionāts snukerā 2015.g.

Sveicam Māri Volaju ar jaunu LV Čempiona titulu! | 5/31/2015

   Latvijas Čempionāts snukerā 30/05/2015 ir noslēdzies ar ļoti pārliecinošu Māra Volaja uzvaru.M.Volajs 2015.g. LV Čempions snukerā un V.Siņicins 1995.g.čempions - Cue Sport LV Turnīrā play off izcīņā piedalījās Latvijas labākie spēlētāji. M.Volajam šai LV čempionātā nav zaudēta neviena spēle, vien daži freimi un ir parādīts lielisks sniegums pirms jaunā Eiropas Čempionāta Snukerā amatieriem, kas jau pēc pāris dienām risināsies Prāgā. 

   Play off kārtās M.Volajs sekmīgi pieveica R.Judinu 4:1, T.Vasiļjevu 5:2, un finālā viegli apspēlēja Māri Kaļvu 7:1 pēdējā freimā pārliecinoši iesitot 69 punktu breiku.

  Zīmīgi, ka šis bija jau 20 -ais LV Snukera čempionāts un bildē redzamais vīrs ir mums labi zināmais Eirosport snukera komentētājs Vladimirs Siņicins - pirmais oficiālais Latvijas čempions snukerā.

Sirsnīgi sveicieni Latvijas labākajam snukera trenerim Mārim Volajam un vēlam viņam labus panākumus nākamajos turnīros!


Cue Sport LV




6 red snukera turnīrs

Amatieru sukera turnīrs | 4/8/2015
Cue Sport LV un NB rīkotais 6 red snukera turnīrs

Jaunums no Pure X

Jaunā Pure X kijas uzlīme | 9/21/2014

Wes Bond, Vice President at Cue & Case Sales (Lucasi Cues & Pure X) informed Cue Sport 

 LV with some exciting news. Wes has his hands in developing new products for C&C and he gets a lot of input on these products from players around the globe. One product that he found had great potential but with inherent problems were layered tips. Players love them when they first install them but then run into problems that can involve hardening over time, a failure to properly hold chalk, and the problems created by the glue layers as glue does not have the same physical properties of leather and the glues can stiffen over time leaving one vulnerable to miscues.

  The research team at C&C listed every problem they could find and then set about finding solutions for each set of problems. “What we have developed is, without a doubt, the best-performing tip on the market. We are now in production with the new PureX Pig Skins and they will be available through retailers beginning October 1.

 The new tip features 100% pig skin leather from Japan. This particular leather is more porous than other tip leathers so it holds the chalk as well as non-layered tips. There are eight layers of leather that are all engineered to give great cue ball grip and accuracy. The greatest advantage of all, their research led them to a new adhesive that does not harden over time. Wes told us: “We want your PureX tip to give you the same playability a year from now as it gives you the day you first install it. Our tip will not change characteristics over time, it will remain consistent. The glue remains flexible and accepts chalk.” Rick Matzke, PBIA Pool Instructor says, “The "Pro Hard" PureX Pig Skin is the first tip I've played with that strokes like a hard tip but gives me control like a soft. The feel, consistency and control of the new PureX tips have been missing from the game for over a decade. Now, those features are not only back, but they are better than ever.

                 * Made in Japan 

* 8 layers of high quality pig skin (we're very selective in our process to insure consistency for play-ability and durability)

* We use a special tanning process which creates a more durable and longer lasting leather

* We use a special glue that's extremely strong and bond's the leather to prevent delamination, yet it's pliable and elastic enough to still provide a soft hit (the glue won't harden the leather over time which can be an issue with other layered tips on the market)

* Our tips are designed to play true to their hardness. Our Pro Soft plays like a soft, our Pro Medium plays like a medium and our Pro Hard plays like a hard tip but grips to cue ball more like softer tip

Press Release: Allison Fisher joins the OB Pro Team of Players!

OB kijas | 9/15/2014
September 15th, 2014

Press Release: Allison Fisher joins the OB Pro Team of Players!

Plano, Texas - Hall of Fame player Allison Fisher and cutting edge Texas based billiard manufacturer OB Cues proudly announce the signing of Allison to the OB Pro Team of Players.


"As a fan of pool, I have always admired Allison's game but how she conducts herself away from the table is equally as impressive" said Royce Bunnell, President of OB.


"I am proud to have accomplished what I have so far in both snooker and pool but I am not done yet! I love my OB equipment and truly believe that the consistency and accuracy of my equipment will play a big part in my future success on the table" said Allison Fisher.


"Allison is quite simply a living legend in the world of pool. Her tournament success is unequaled and she has a fan base that is unmatched. Having Allison join our team and trust her game to OB products is a great honor" said Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales and Marketing for OB.


Allison can be seen competing on ESPN and on International television networks on a regular basis. She also has been known to stop by the OB booth to sign autographs, take pictures and play challenge games with fans and will continue to do so whenever possible.


OB is headquartered in Plano, Texas and is a leading manufacturer of high performance pool cues and pool cue shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on OB Cues or OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please visit www.obcues.com and for all the latest OB news you can like OB on Facebook at www.facebook.com/obcues


Be sure to also check out Allison's profile page on the OB website here: www.obcues.com/pages/Allison-Fisher.html


Allison Fisher was inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2009. She has won over 80 national titles and 11 world titles in Snooker and in Pool she has an unequaled record, winning 50 WPBA titles, which includes 4 World 9-Ball championships. Despite her busy schedule, Allison still manages to offer private lessons, group lessons, public appearances, keynote & public speaking. For more information on Allison visit her website at www.allisonfisher.com and don't forget to like Allison on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AFathlete


Just wanted you all to hear the news (above) about this great lady joining what we believe to be a great team. Welcome Allison!
Shane Sinnott
Director of Sales & Marketing


Eiropas tūres posmu profesionāļiem snūkerā - „Rīga Open 2014” | 8/6/2014




game time:


PTC Riga Open 2014 - CUE SPORT LV.jpg

2014.gada 7.-10.augustā "Arēna Rīga" uzņems PTC (Professional Tour Championship) Eiropas tūres posmu profesionāļiem snūkerā  - „Rīga Open 2014”. 


Pirmo reizi Latvijā notiks viens no Pasaules Profesionālās Biljarda un Snūkera Asociācijas (WPBSA) rīkotajiem reitinga turnīriem profesionāļiem. 


European Tour - ir sērija no astoņiem reitinga turnīriem, kas notiek visā profesionālā snūkera sezonas garumā un noslēdzas ar Grand finālu. Tiesības spēlēt Grand finālā iegūst tikai 24 labākie spēlētāji - 16 spēlētāji pēc European Tour rezultātiem un 8 spēlētāji no Āzijas Tūres. 


2014/2015.gadu sezona tiek atklāta Rīgā ar European Tour pirmo posmu – THE RIGA OPEN 2014 ar kopējo balvu fondu – 125 000 €. 


Tieši tādēļ, ka THE RIGA OPEN 2014 ir pirmais no astoņiem posmiem ir gaidāms, ka Rīgā ieradīsies gandrīz visi 128 profesionāļi, lai jau pašā sezonas sākumā garantēti rezervēt sev vietu Grand finālā. 


Spēles notiks uz 11 profesionāliem galdiem, kuri tiks uzstādīti Arenā Rīga. No centrālā galda (TV galda), sākot ar 8.augustu tiks veikta tiešraide TV kompānijas Eurosport  ēterā.


World Snooker Championship 2014

Great Ronnie's play and Next Round | 4/26/2014

Ronnie O'Sullivan Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Perry in last 2 sessionsAbsolutely sensational from Ronnie O'Sullivan as he ends with breaks of 124 & 113 to come from behind and defeat Joe Perry 13-11!

The Rocket had his back to the wall at 11-9 down, but reeled off four majestic frames in a row to crush Perry's hopes of an upset.
He remains the firm favourite to land a sixth world title as he marches into the Quarter-Finals to face either Shaun Murphy or Marco Fu.



Ronnie beats the Hull

World Snooker News from Crucible Theatre | 4/19/2014

Ronnie O'Sullivan progressed to the World Snooker Championship second round with a 10-4 victory over Robin Hull.

The Englishman, seeking a sixth world title and third in a row, dominated the morning session 7-2 before fending off a brief Hull revival in the evening.

Finland's world number 122 closed the gap to 8-4 after a missing a frame-winning easy red in the 10th, but O'Sullivan won the next two frames.

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There's one out of the way and I just move on to the next

Ronnie O'SullivanFive-time world champion

The top seed will play Joe Perry or Jamie Burnett in the next round.


CUE SPORT LV - par World Snooker Championship 2014 Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Shelby, Neil Robertson