Riley Aristocrat 12'feet snooker tableBiljarda galdi

   We could offer billiard tables for snooker, pool, Russian pyramid, carom. Also we could offer beautiful billiard - dining tables for home use which are very attractive and fashion designed! We representative very famous brands such as RILEY (UK), LONGONI since 1945 (Italy).

  Also we have some nice business partners where we could find and offer to our customers used tables. Time to time they offer to us very old, historical tables.

The Aristocrat Tournament Champion is the pinnacle of the Riley range - the table that all others strive to emulate. Having been used in televised ranking tournaments all over the world until 2009, the striking silver and mahogany design is instantly recognisable - a true sporting icon. The table combines quality and style with a modern take on a traditional design and delivers the professional tournament experience more closely than any other table. In the period 1992-2009, 8 different World Champions were crowned on the Riley table, including snooker legends like Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins.

A snooker table is a thing of beauty, built by craftsmen, engineered to a standard envied by many imitated by few. No other company can produce a hand crafted table to the same exacting standard.Longoni Roman Luxury Roman Glass  Pool Table - 7ft, 8ft, 9ft.jpgLongoni pool - dining table

LONGONI NERO pool-dining table


Bērnu biljarda galdi

Plašā piedāvājumā dažādu izmēru un ražotāju biljarda galdi bērniem. 

Saliekami 6'' pēdu biljarda galdi bērniem sākot no 4 gadu vecuma.

 Stacionāri biljarda galdi sākot no 6' pēdām, lietojami arī jā spēļu galdi vai ēdamgaldi.